Crisp Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies

My life is currently in flux, and when we project that on to food, that means emptying the pantry and fridge. I hate seeing food go to waste, especially since said food was intended for certain things at some point. So, since it needs to be used sooner rather than later, sooner is now. 

I ran into this recipe on Smitten Kitchen and who can resist: they are what you read they are. Slightly salty. Very crispy. Chewy oats. White chocolate. Could you ever imagine having anything else in a cookie? I’ve had everything for these cookies for a while, until the time I made them. I had to make half a recipe since I didn’t have enough oats. But, that was a good thing. It makes plenty, unlike Deb’s 24 count. I have something close to 18 or 19 from half a batch.

I had thought I had reduced the sugar, but I had used roughly the same amount and I can tell you they’re plenty sweet and next time, I might just use less.

This is indeed a tricky one to divide. It has 1 large egg. Now, Deb gives instructions and measurements to divide one egg, but since mine were medium sized, I used a whole egg.

The thing that might discourage one to make these is: they spread. Like you couldn’t believe. Now, to be fair, if you read the comments below the original recipe you will see that people have had different results pretty much every time they’ve made them. So, we’ll see next time. For now, I had definitely waaay to many in the first tray and ended up having one giant sqaure cookie the size and shape of the baking sheet. I just then broke them apart in squares 😦 with a metal spatula… On the second tray, I put all but 5 little globs of dough and said, come on now, spread, let me see you how far you can go! Therefore, my advice to you is, depending what your results will be, start off with a few cookies per sheet (as energy wasteful as it sounds), to see how far they’ll spread. According to Deb, they shouldn’t. They should create these hollow cookies with a crisp exterior and pockets of white chocolate inside. Mine are nearly as thin and as crisp as tuiles!

If you think this is a complaint, think again! One downside though: I find them a bit greasy. I don’t know if things will change if I reduce the butter or if I do the unspeakable and replace it with apple sauce. I’ve read one should not do that for cookies and so far I haven’t dared. Spreading cookies was enough of a challenge.

I say go and make these, because spread or not, they are amazing! Absolutely amazing. I kid you not. Who needs dark chocolate chip cookies anyway?!

(these are the amounts I used for half a recipe)


70 gr flour

3/8 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp salt

100 gr butter, unsalted, softened

130 gr sugar

1 packet vanilla sugar

1 medium sized egg

110 gr rolled oats

85 gr white chocolate, roughly chopped (if you’re not going to listen to me, then listen to Deb: no fake white chocolate or white chocolate chips are acceptable. NO. Get a really good white chocolate and chop it with a knife)

good sea salt for sprinkling on top

25-30 gr dried cranberries (craisins) (this was my addition, but next time I want to add 1) more and 2) different kinds of nuts)


1. Preheat the oven to 350F/180C and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

2. Beat the softened butter with the sugar until creamy.

3. Add the egg and beat until incorporated.

4. Add the flour to the mix (I always continue with a spatula after this point in a recipe) until evenly incorporated.

5. Add the oats and chopped white chocolate.

before adding the white chocolate and craisins

6. Add the craisins and/or other additions of your fancy.

7. Form in tiny balls (mine were smaller than golf balls) and place on the cookie sheet WELL APART from each other. Moist hands made shaping these a lot easier.

8. Sprinkle with sea salt and bake between 13 and 15 minutes. I needed exactly 14.

deliciousness! I am sorry there aren’t more photos of the process and I was definitely not going to show you the first tray! haha

9. Let cool or eat straight out of the oven…


They are everything in a cookie: cheewy, crispy, salty, sweet, buttery… I look forward to making them again, with different additions and maybe even change the chocolate to dark chopped chocolate… you never know what can happen! I would also like to play with the butter quantities, and since people have had different results every time they’ve made them, I am anxious to see how the cookies will behave the next time around. It feels like a new recipe! 🙂 And that is exciting! 🙂


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