Years ago, I started a blog about my kitchen encounters but it somehow got lost, and I’ve been wanting it back. It will be slow going, but I hope to keep it up this time.

I think I may have abandoned it since I feel (still) very self-conscious about it. (not to mention the horrendous photo taking abilities) I mean, pretty much every other person can do what I do. What makes me so special to think so highly of myself & share this? I have no idea. Food & cooking make me happy. Baking relaxes me. There is nothing like admiring the spoils of your efforts. I have zero talent for arts & crafts & painting/drawing. So, the kitchen is where I use my two hands & I feel I am creating something, something I can touch, smell, see, taste. And almost hear sometimes. How many of you can do that with your scrap book? Ha! 🙂

Having said this, it won’t be anything of the magnitude of Julie Powell’s taking on Julia Child’s books & doing more than 1 recipe a day. (I’ve had similar ideas, very tempting!) No, this will basically be blogging about what I’ve made that day. Since I cook only for myself, things last me for a few days. I never waste food (nose-to-tail eating anyone? Mmmm…). So, it is not feasible for me to do more than 1 recipe a day. Who is going to eat all that??? If I end up making more, I’m going to have to start selling it hahaha because it is not going to fit in the fridge/freezer. hahaha

Also, this will be very budget-friendly cooking. No fancy-shmancy ingredients & plenty of substitutions & cutting corners. Oops, I mean creativity! No, seriously, some things can be sacrificed & bookmarked to be made in their glory some other time, but there are some ingredients, whose quality I won’t sacrifice. Like good-quality butter 🙂

I hope to share these things with you, I hope to inspire you to make them & I hope you will share some things back 🙂 I am in no way expecting anyone to follow things to a T. If you want to not make the crust from scratch, that is fine by me. If you want to replace cilantro with parsley & vice versa, by all means. What you make, you will eat, not me 🙂 Food is about what you like. It’s about making you happy.

Before going off to continue customizing my awesome blog 🙂 I would just like to apologize beforehand for the abhorrent photos that will follow. Besides, you can make things & see for yourself how they look like, much better that way! 🙂

Bon appetit!


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