Crisp Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies

My life is currently in flux, and when we project that on to food, that means emptying the pantry and fridge. I hate seeing food go to waste, especially since said food was intended for certain things at some point. So, since it needs to be used sooner rather than later, sooner is now.  Continue reading


Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Aged Balsamic

There are strawberries in the markets and supermarkets. It is still not warm enough here for the strawberries to be local. So they come from warmer climates. But because they’re still in the affordable range, they are not your best strawberries. They are the ginaromous, flavourless steroid strawberry. You know, those as big as the palm of your hand. I hate those. The fact that you can buy a little gadget to help you hollow out the strawberries from the annoying white stem inside tells you that it is NOT a strawberry.  Continue reading

Mousse au Chocolat

A couple of years I met a Belgian lady that makes the best chocolate mousse on the planet. She would always bring it in a large bowl to potlucks to the envy and pleasure of everyone! 🙂 Considering that she had not only a reputation to uphold, but out of respect to her heritage, this chocolate mousse was always made with the very best Belgian chocolate. Now you can imagine how good it is! 🙂 Needless to say, everyone wants(ed) the recipe. All I did was politely ask and I got it! Everyone else couldn’t believe it! Score! Continue reading

Fat-Free Apple Cake

I know spring is coming, I know it is! I am so sorry for those of you who are experiencing relentless winter and snow and cold but spring is coming. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that we have to forget what winter and autumn gave us and concentrate on the things that are showing up in your fruit and vegetable section…. There is one fruit out there, that is proud to say that it is a classic. A classic knows no time passing, no deadlines and it never goes out of style. The apple. Continue reading

Pear Ginger Muffins w/ Salted Caramelized White Chocolate Glaze

I landed on a recipe about a certain kind of muffins on La Fête d’Emily’s blog. I will do those muffins soon, but I wanted to do another flavour that she talks about in that post. She doesn’t give the recipe for the one I attempted, just the flavour combination. This is therefore a real experimentation, since it is also not a true success either. I used the batter recipe that she offers in that posting and she mentions it is from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book.

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Salted Caramelized White Chocolate

I used to like white chocolate, but only because it was forbidden to me as a child.  I can probably count on both hands how many times I had had it. I was raised to believe that it is not chocolate and that if I wanted chocolate, then I better eat the dark kind. (Nutella fell in the same category. That is why there is a picture of 2 year old me, hiding in a bookcase, with the hand in the jar and Nutella all over my face. I still put my hand in the jar, I just don’t fit on the shelf any more) Milk chocolate was where my parents drew the line. White chocolate was something that was pretty much forbidden in our house. I remember coveting the white chocolate bars of my friends, all of which in my mother’s opinion, didn’t eat well at home.

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Almond Croissants

I don’t know where was it and how I read that almond croissants are actually made from day-old croissants. *mind bent* Wait, what?!?!?! Day-old??? But they taste so gooood…. Day old?!?!!?!? OLD?!?!?! It just could not be real. I know you can make an excellent bread pudding out of old croissants, but it was always a sacrilege for me to a) let a croissant go old *gasp!* and b) mush it into bread pudding, this common, unglamorous thing… Mind you, it probably becomes this sophisticated, elevated, kind of hipstery thing when you add croissants and maybe some rum… (ok this is getting weird, I just called bread pudding hipster… which in this new agey thing it might just be…)

Back to the croissants. Day old, eh? Continue reading