Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Aged Balsamic

There are strawberries in the markets and supermarkets. It is still not warm enough here for the strawberries to be local. So they come from warmer climates. But because they’re still in the affordable range, they are not your best strawberries. They are the ginaromous, flavourless steroid strawberry. You know, those as big as the palm of your hand. I hate those. The fact that you can buy a little gadget to help you hollow out the strawberries from the annoying white stem inside tells you that it is NOT a strawberry.  Continue reading


Mackerel, Leek and Bread Casserole

I dialed home today. Comfort food is all about that. Going home. In one bite, you are hurled down the spiraling tunnel and going home. When it tastes and smells just like you remembered, my god what wonders your brain does… Am I the only one sensitive like this? I smell a perfume I have used a long time ago or I smell something distinct and it is an instant time travel. Close your eyes, inhale and swooooosh you are right there… Therefore, it makes me very happy to be able to replicate the things of home…. When I achieve those things, then is when I think my cooking is a success….  Continue reading

Mousse au Chocolat

A couple of years I met a Belgian lady that makes the best chocolate mousse on the planet. She would always bring it in a large bowl to potlucks to the envy and pleasure of everyone! 🙂 Considering that she had not only a reputation to uphold, but out of respect to her heritage, this chocolate mousse was always made with the very best Belgian chocolate. Now you can imagine how good it is! 🙂 Needless to say, everyone wants(ed) the recipe. All I did was politely ask and I got it! Everyone else couldn’t believe it! Score! Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara

I know this is not your healthiest meal out there, but sometimes… you know, you need to empty the pantry…. which is sadly what has been going on around here… and am starting to panic, because the last thing I want to see is food go to waste (long story) Everyone is starting to say hello to spring with their dishes on the blogs. I, on the other hand, am saying goodbye to winter with all these hearty dishes! 🙂  Continue reading

Fat-Free Apple Cake

I know spring is coming, I know it is! I am so sorry for those of you who are experiencing relentless winter and snow and cold but spring is coming. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that we have to forget what winter and autumn gave us and concentrate on the things that are showing up in your fruit and vegetable section…. There is one fruit out there, that is proud to say that it is a classic. A classic knows no time passing, no deadlines and it never goes out of style. The apple. Continue reading

No Fail Bread

It’s Easter and the interwebz is flooded by easter-y recipes. Well chocolate for the most part. And glutoneous mixing of crème eggs in every thing you could possibly think of. Which is all fine. Easter and Christmas are partly there for that – indulgence. Maybe the bloggers, chefs and cooks feel it is out of place to post an Easter recipe in May (that is, when Easter doesn’t fall in May) (I wouldn’t see a problem with that!) but how about the other things that you need to have on the Easter table? You know, something to serve alongside your appetizer, wipe clean the soup bowl, mop up the yummy must-not-let-go-to-waste lamb sauce or round up (if you find it in you!) with a slice of some amazing cheese… remember what we call that… that thing…. that thingamajig…. yah THAT! Continue reading

Gnocchi with Brown Butter

I debated for a few days whether to post this or not. It is beyond simple. I feel as if I am patronizing posting this… That is not my intention. Upon looking at the photos again, I remembered how good it was and wanted to share it with you. Besides, I said originally at my gnocchi recipe that I will try and give you more ideas separately, so this is one of them 🙂 Continue reading