Chèvre Chaud au Vinaigre Balsamique Sucré

This is one of my favourite things to have when I go out to eat. And it always costs as much as a full meal, and you find it in the appetizer section of the menu. Maybe if N. America understood to not put 300% tax on French cheeses, maybe it won’t cost as much as a steak. On the other hand, I have my mother’s voice in my head, saying that ‘the human body is not a camel’, but I can’t help having these things while I still have access to, and then… well, that future looks, with regards to cheese, a bit deserted, so I try not to think about it.  Continue reading


Bagna Cauda dressing

Italians know their olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I think the discussion ends there. Thank you to Melissa Clarke from the New York Times for introducing me to this amazing salad dressing, that as it was preparing, I was dreaming of throwing it over pasta!! You think you have your regular olive oil and balsamic vinegar down pat? Think again. Once you have this, there is absolutely no going back to the “plain old” dip.

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Quinoa Salad

*see note

Finally back from the holidays. I know that with blogging you need to be up and doing it every day, or every other day, but when you’re not in your own kitchen and not in your own space, it’s hard to cook and keep a record of what you do and take pictures and write it down. Mostly because you’d like to spend the little time you have away from home with the good people you are with. I am not saying blogging is a chore, I won’t be doing it if it were, but I at least need the quiet of my own kitchen and my own desk to do this…

Certain things were made when I was in that aforementioned good company and believe me, they will be remade! Just like today’s quinoa salad, which is one slightly different version than the way I have been making it so far.

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Simple green salad

This is so simple that I am debating whether to put it alongside the meal I had it with, or put it separate as its own entry. I am going to make it a separate entry because you can have this with anything! This is inspired again by a salad recipe in the NY Times. The main thing is a sprinkling of orange flower water. The moment I tasted it, I was SOLD. Who wouldn’t think of adding a bit of orange flower water in their salad?! It makes incredible sense!

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