Pasta with Asparagus, and Anchovy/Caramelized Garlic Toss Up

This was inspired after seeing Melissa Clark of the New York Times caramelize garlic. I love garlic so much, so this finally quenched my desire for a quick pasta dish. It was exactly what I wanted. It is also a twist on the Bagna Cauda dressing, again by the excellent Melissa Clarke. The mellowing anchovies in oil are so versatile and now with caramelized garlic, how can you go wrong? Continue reading


Quinoa and Spinach Bake

Seriously, what do you call this? A cake? A bake? A casserole? A throw-stuff-from-the-cabinets-and-fridge-together? You need pretty much 4 things to throw this together. I am sure you can vary the ingredients and quantities. I am sure you can make it vegan and omit the egg and make this on the stove top and forget about baking it… If you don’t have an egg, we’ll call it that you delibarately made it vegan! 🙂 On some days you just can’t bear a trip to the supermarket, sometimes you need to empty your cabinets, sometimes you want something new and something old and something healthy, but not too filling…. And sometimes you have all that come together. This is it.

Quinoa? Check. Spinach? Check. Egg? Check. Yoghurt? Check. On your marks… Ready, set, go!  Continue reading

Chèvre Chaud au Vinaigre Balsamique Sucré

This is one of my favourite things to have when I go out to eat. And it always costs as much as a full meal, and you find it in the appetizer section of the menu. Maybe if N. America understood to not put 300% tax on French cheeses, maybe it won’t cost as much as a steak. On the other hand, I have my mother’s voice in my head, saying that ‘the human body is not a camel’, but I can’t help having these things while I still have access to, and then… well, that future looks, with regards to cheese, a bit deserted, so I try not to think about it.  Continue reading

Moules à la Marinière with Oven Fries

Did you know that you can make the same restaurant food you usually ooh and aah over in your own kitchen? Did you know it will cost you at least half that? Did you know how much more proud you will feel and how much better tasting it will be? Yes, I am inventing hot water! 🙂 I dislike going to restaurants where what they’re serving is something that I know I can make at home, and I can make it better and with better ingredients and probably less fat and less sodium. I don’t want to come out as holier than thou, but if I go to a restaurant, I want it to be an all-out unforgettable experience. And those, don’t come that often, because they’re pricey. I mean, there is a reason a bowl of pasta at a franchise restaurant doesn’t cost as much as a bowl of pasta at a one-off restaurant with a good chef. Therefore, in the meantime, you turn your own kitchen in the best restaurant you can have 🙂 Continue reading

Coquilles St. Jacques à la Sauce Caramel Orange

Every day on the news they are talking about the crisis taking over Europe. They are talking about which sectors of the economy took a bigger or smaller hit than the same time last year, or the years previously. The one sector that sees an upswing is food. Cuisine. And most importantly, chocolate. Are we buying chocolate to make ourselves feel better? Well, it sure beats anti-depressants. But what is remarkable, and I a living proof of this, is that when people don’t have the means for other pleasures in life, they splurge on food. Think about it: you want to go on a holiday, but that will cost a lot of money. But a bag of truffles is not that destructive to your wallet. So you got for it. You go for the little things. And you take the time to enjoy them. Which, in itself is not a bad thing, because we need to step back, “stop” time and enjoy and savour every bit of it. Because, just like the small truffle, it’ll be gone in a flash.  Continue reading

Mackerel, Leek and Bread Casserole

I dialed home today. Comfort food is all about that. Going home. In one bite, you are hurled down the spiraling tunnel and going home. When it tastes and smells just like you remembered, my god what wonders your brain does… Am I the only one sensitive like this? I smell a perfume I have used a long time ago or I smell something distinct and it is an instant time travel. Close your eyes, inhale and swooooosh you are right there… Therefore, it makes me very happy to be able to replicate the things of home…. When I achieve those things, then is when I think my cooking is a success….  Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara

I know this is not your healthiest meal out there, but sometimes… you know, you need to empty the pantry…. which is sadly what has been going on around here… and am starting to panic, because the last thing I want to see is food go to waste (long story) Everyone is starting to say hello to spring with their dishes on the blogs. I, on the other hand, am saying goodbye to winter with all these hearty dishes! 🙂  Continue reading