Crème Pâtissière – blonds have more fun…?!

I don’t know why I wanted to make crème pâtissière. I know I had two egg yolks left from the fromage blanc chantilly the other day and they needed using. I had a few things going on in my head. One of them was having had a sacristan over the holidays and I was determined to make one myself since I couldn’t find it anywhere in any pastry shop. But then again when I started thinking about the crème pâtissière, I thought of crème anglaise…. what to make?!?!?! I wanted them both… One, for the sacristan, the other for something else. And making each with only one egg yolk seemed ridiculous. I don’t have an apothecary’s scale… And the way I am baking for one, it seems I need one… :-p

What I ended up having here is indeed crème pâtissière, over which I poured some chunky raspberry coulis. So, since I had this in mind, as I was thickening the cream, I thought, wait a minute, this is too much flour (read till the end to see what actually happened, it’s quite funny when you think about it!). I was this close to stopping! haha The recipe is from the Mon Cours de Cusine collection, La Pâtisserie from Marabout. I love the simplicity of them, and the step by step photo guide. They are really good books, so there was no way that I had the amount of flour wrong by that much (again, read on!) LOL But then I remembered my sacristan. It is usually just a pâte feuilletée or butterpuff pastry cut in strips and twisted and then sprinkled with sugar or chocolate chips. But this one, oh this one, had crème pâtissière inside…somehow… Well, no wonder, the man had won the prize of best baker for 2012, I would think everything’s to die for in there…

Therefore, I finished making the crème pâtissière with all the amount of flour, come what may! 🙂 I was also thinking of a small tarte aux fruits considering how solid the crème pâtissière is, but I was not going to splurge on out-of-season steroid strawberries…. Since I want to make the sacristan, we’ll see how much is leftover, and maybe we can make one tinny tiny tarte aux fruits. 🙂

For now, enjoying the crème pâtissière in all its vanilla glory. The chunky raspberry coulis that you see there – I take zero credit for it. It is from the creamery Beillevaire. The fact that I know of it and now I am spending and will spend a lot of money there is all cause of David Lebovitz. I learnt from him that this creamery has probably the best butter, and yes, I am very happy to have the privilege to agree. The cheeses too. And the coulis. Which is so lightly sweetened, it’s pure fruit. And considering how expensive small red fruit is, “splurging” on the coulis goes without saying. It went along this admirably. When I have a recipe and know how to make it, I will. For now, crème pâtissière.

I should also add that the original recipe is for 6 egg yolks and I had to divide and … conquer. hahaha I am wondering whether to give you the whole recipe or my adjustments. I may write in brackets what I used for 2 egg yolks.


6 egg yolks (2 egg yolks)

500 ml milk (160 ml)

100 gr sugar (125 gr sugar + 8 gr vanilla sugar (1 packet))

50 gr flour (16 gr)


1. Warm the milk with the sugar. Let it come to a boil and turn off.

2. Beat the eggs.

3. Incorporate the flour by hand using a spatula.

4. Pour in a bit of the warm milk and stir/whisk, to temper the eggs.

starting to thicken....

starting to thicken….

5. Pour that egg/flour mix back in with the milk on low heat and stir till it starts to thicken.

160 gr flour!!! *shakes fist*

160 gr flour!!! *shakes fist*

*Ok. Major oversight. It’s late when I’m writing this, but apparently it has been “much later” or I was a space cadet out to lunch when I was making this. Get this. I am staring at my notes, all my deductions, reductions and adjustments and I see that I must have used 160 gr of flour instead of 16. Ooops. Like oh wow super oops. So much for my top chef aspirations. Back to school for me. We’re talking grade 2 math and conversions. I somehow blame it on the book and the European measurements that are not millilitres. You know, the annoying centilitres and decilitres. So, the recipe in the book says 50 cl milk. Fine, that’s 500 ml. And 50 gr flour. OK. BUT I got carried away by seeing 50 for the milk and 50 for the flour and therefore that must mean the same amount just one is in ml and the other in gr. Well, that is where the problem occurred. It wasn’t in ml, it was in cl. DARN IT.

See, if I hadn’t written this post I wouldn’t have known the error of my ways. Oh, life. Live and learn. Lucky you, I gave you the original recipe’s quantities and not my mistakes hahahah I mean, it’s all right, it’s super thick, but still it works. So the original quantities might stiffen and set once chilled to the desired consistency of crème pâtissière but mine was ready to go right then and there from the pan, so I am quite ok with it the way it is. As I said, had I not written this post, I would’ve been completely blissful in my ignorance and content with my “successful” crème pâtissière.

I do have blond moments. This was one of them.


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