Banana ice pudding

Have you ever made a one ingredient ice cream? If not, then you are missing out. Chopped, frozen banana, puréed. Done. Nothing else is required. You can add cocoa, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, go nuts! It turns out as a creamy soft-serve ice cream. I discovered it last summer and I was banging my head on the wall how could I have never thought of it before, it is beyond simple and beyond good.

I had two small frozen bananas that I was intending on converting them in this awesome ice cream, but my processor thought otherwise. There maybe have been too little banana for it to pulse it into creaminess, I don’t know. It wasn’t creaming, it was still kind of chunky. Maybe if I took it out, and finished it off with a fork, it would’ve been that, but I didn’t want to do that. I was determined to use the food processor. hahahah

So, I started adding things and personalizing it. I was thinking of just adding a small Vanilla Activia yoghurt, but that would’ve done it right then and there, and I really wanted to make it my own. You can seriously add want you want: more fruit, more creamy fruit like mangos, or even just berries. I guess in order to keep the same consistency, it would be nice if they’re all frozen, but then again, this would be equally good if they are not. Would it then be a milkshake?! Considering texture… Or pudding?! I am unsure…. Because of the things I added, it turned more puddingy than ice creamy…but even the pure banana ice cream is a bit softer. You can always put it back in the freezer to get it back to the ice cream consistency if you want, but it’s so good, that once made it doesn’t last for long.


2 small bananas, (~100 gr, frozen), peeled, chopped, frozen

3 tsp applesauce

3 tbsp fromage blanc

1-2 tsp apricot jam

1 chopped dark chocolate square

a pinch or two of craisins


1. Purée the frozen banana in a food processor.

2. Add all the other ingredients, except for the chocolate and craisins and purée again. Taste, add sugar or something else sweet if you don’t find it sweet enough. Maybe a pack of vanilla sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.

3. Pour in a bowl, sprinkle the chocolate and craisins on top and enjoy!

practically guiltless pleasure :)

practically guiltless pleasure 🙂

*The only thing to NOT forget when you do this, is to peel the banana, chop it, AND THEN freeze it. There have been a few perplexed examples when I’ve shared the frozen banana idea to people, that they’ve been so excited to try, they’ve thrown in the whole banana in the freezer. I can’t blame them 🙂



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