I want to know what everyone does when the insane cravings hit. You know, the ones where you want something crunchy and deep fried and… and…. not good for you. But you want it. I never know what it is I actually want, I just know I crave… something.

Instead of going to the supermarket and buying a bag of chips that will set you back in your calorie count for the entire day and then some! popped corn won’t! Now, we’re talking AIR popped corn, don’t get ahead of yourselves! (3 cups of air popped corn = 93 calories. I know urge you to go SIT DOWN (important step, don’t avoid), and read the back of that bag of chips. I rest my case)

You can make popcorn in a popcorn maker (I have none), on the stove top in a saucepan with some oil (I didn’t feel like smelling of popcorn, my house smelling of popcorn and then me left to scrub the pot), nor did I want the microwave popcorn, that is filled with whatever chemicals that has always tested my gag threshold and I never liked them. There had to be another way!!!! There just had to be!

I mean, come on, think about it. The little kernels only need heat to pop. Crazy me was wondering if I could just toss them in the microwave, shut the door and let them party (yes, that is how much I wanted popcorn!). Google to the rescue. Apparently I am not the only one who had had this dilemma. Thus the people of this planet have spoken: paper bag.

Yes, you read that right, paper bag.

I had no clean paper bags. I opened my cabinet and started thinking what can I use. I saw that my sugar and flour came in paper bags that are pretty much the same as the (brown) paper bag. I chose the sugar. I emptied the sugar in a container, shook the bag, and voilà! a paper bag!!! (don’t judge me, I am not judging you in the middle of the night sticking the spoon in the ice cream/peanut butter jar/jam jar/nutella [add vice of choice])


¼ cup (more or less depending on the size of your paper bag) dried corn kernels

1 paper bag



1. Pour the dried kernels in the paper bag and fold the opening twice.

2. Lay it down in the microwave and nuke for 1 minute/1 and a half minute, to 1 minute 45 seconds depending on how many kernels you are using.

3. When the microwave beeps, let them settle down for 30 seconds, then take them out, toss them in a bowl, sprinkle with salt. Done.

I am sorry I don’t know to tell you to what heating setting to set it up. One, every microwave is different, and second, I haven’t figured out how much mine is on or how to even change it! I just press “go”. :/ (I never cook in the microwave, so I couldn’t care less) I also had to play with it. I first put them on 30 seconds. Then felt that wasn’t enough so I nuked them some more.

There is no harm in playing with it, because there will be some that haven’t popped and that’s fine too. Wanna know why??? I added the unpopped ones back in the bag and then nuked them again, and they popped just like normal! I know that if I were making them on the stove top, I wouldn’t have put the unpopped ones back in the saucepan to try popping them again. Apparently, here it’s no problem!

Needless to say, this method of making popcorn could not be more fail safe! The kernels pop in the biggest and fluffiest popcorn you have ever seen! Another big plus is that it doesn’t smell! It doesn’t smell of oil and corn! So you can make this while your guests are there and you’re wearing your best party dress! 🙂 Win-Win-Win!

Some of the suggestions were to line the paper bag with parchment paper and add a dab of butter to the kernels and then nuke them. One, I am afraid of causing fire and two, I’ve never liked fat in my popcorn! All that liquid gloop being poured over the popcorn in the cinema makes me nauseous! Seriously! Every time I go to the cinema in N. America, I buy my ticket online and make a mad dash to my seat, while trying to hold my breath as much as I can. So, if you want to experiment by adding fat to your popcorn, I leave that to you. Or other spices, caramels and things. To me popcorn + salt are all that is required to keep the crazy cravings at bay!


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