Fish en papillote

The other day I was trying to stretch out the dinner and make it last for two, by making something additional, but it was taking a bit longer than I anticipated and I was very hungry, so I changed plans. The following in turn, became another meal.

I decided to make it cause I had some ingredients left over (some canned tomatoes) and I felt like having fish, but didn’t really feel like doing it on the stove top and using oil, as little as I do use. Solution? – En papillote!

I used frozen Alaskan Pollock, but that is only because that is what was in the fridge and you always, always make do with what you have. You would be surprised with how much is hiding in your fridge and pantry!

Because mine was frozen, it took longer to cook. It released a lot of water in the end, which I didn’t mind because I ended up having a sauce with my fish! There would be no problem to either thaw the fish or use fresh fish, just bear in mind, it will take less cooking time. I was “tricked” by mine and had to check up on it, which required opening the papillote (sad face), but what can you do. So, I wrapped it back up as much as I could and put it back in the oven.


2 fish fillets

2 tbsp canned chopped tomatoes

salt and pepper

1 tsp dill, chopped (frozen or fresh)

1 tsp chopped capers

a sprinkling of lemon juice (if you don’t have it, it’s fine, the capers should be enough, or if you don’t like capers, then use some lemon instead)

a sheet of parchment paper


1. Switch the oven on 200C.

2. Place the sheet of parchment paper on the counter and place the fillets inside and arrange all the ingredients on top.

before wrapping

before wrapping

3. Wrap up nice and snug, put it in the baking dish or a on a cookie sheet and bake for 30 mins (if frozen. As I said, cooking time will depend whether the fish is fresh or frozen. Usually, it’s 15 minutes minimum and 15 minutes per inch of thickness, but that is too precise for me to pay attention to.. haha)

Weekday dinner/lunch – done. You can have this on the side with whatever starch you desire. Potatoes, rice etc. I would go along with the theme and have them either steamed or boiled. My starch of choice was quinoa. Cooks fast, and has excellent amounts of fiber and all kinds of minerals! Nothing beats that!


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