Chestnut purée

For my bûche de Noël recipe, I needed chestnut purée and I was determined to make my own because I disliked the one in the store because it had way too many unpronounceable sugars in it. Besides, I’ve always found store-bought purée awfully sweet and I much prefer to know how much sugar goes in things. I could’ve gone the easy way out and omitted the purée out of the recipe, but where would be the fun in that? Besides, it is a French recipe, a French Christmas recipe and France goes wild for chestnuts around Christmas time! The purée was staying!

I totally winged my recipe creation here. I was too afraid to use milk, fearing it won’t turn out. So I used cream instead. Maybe I should try with milk next time. I read somewhere someone saying, it’s too hard to make the purée, you need to roast the chestnuts, then peel them, then stew them with milk and sugar, etc etc etc…. I don’t know. Maybe that IS how you make chestnut purée, but this was my quick, cheat way of making it. And the filling it goes in, is nothing less tasty for it!


375 gr chestnuts

500 ml water

150 ml 30% cream

sugar to taste (this was intended to be added to a filling for the bûche de Noël, so I went easy on the sugar. But if it is just the purée you want, then add more sugar and you can also add some rum or brandy, for a nice little kick!)


1. Place the rinsed chestnuts in a saucepan and cover them with the water.

2. Let it come to a boil and lower the heat. They should simmer until no more water is left and they should be done at this point. Take one out, cut it in half and check if they are done. If not, add some more water and cook for a bit longer. Let them cool.

3. To get the chestnuts out of their shell, cut them in half lengthwise, from top down, and scoop each half with a small spoon.

4. Whizz all of this in a food processor to get even, small pieces.

5. Start adding the cream and sugar slowly until you get a paste consistency.

6. Transfer to a container and refrigerate until needed.

(P.S. Sorry, I forgot to take pics… :(…..)


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